• National Geographic: Photographers

National Geographic: Photographers

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Like an ever-changing window onto the wonders of our world, the stunning images of National Geographic Magazine have delighted and amazed readers for generations. Now, get to know the unforgettable people behind the cameras. And find out what it\'s like to travel, explore and "get the shot" on assignment with the celebrated photographers of National Geographic. Journey to the most remote corners of the globe with these gifted, award-winning professionals. Listen in as they reflect on their painstaking art - and their hairraising adventures! Get a closeup look at the dangers they face and the often chaotic life they lead for the love of their craft. And discover the remarkable talent required to take pictures that make history, as you gain a fascinating new perspective on the world through the eyes of The Photographers.

Bonus Program A passion for Africa - Photo Gallery - Photographer Biographies - Previews of Additional National Geographic Programs - Scene Access

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Udgivelsesdato: 08-08-1988
Spilletid: 0:56
Region: 0
Billedformat: DVD
Studie: National Geographic
Udgiver: Pan Vision
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