• A Yank In The RAF (DVD)

A Yank In The RAF (DVD)

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Tyrone Power and Betty Grable star in a high-flying war time romance. Tyrone Power and Betty Grable are captivating in this romantic WWII drama. When slick, money-motivated pilot Tim Baker takes a high-paying job ferrying bombers across the Atlantic, he meets up with Carol, an old flame who sparks enough new heat that Baker joins England´s R.A.F. just to be near her. But Carol is also pursued by another pilot - Baker´s superior officer! And when Baker must begin flying bombing missions, life suddenly takes on far more meaning than ever before. Featuring actual aerial combat footage and Grable´s classic musical numbers, A YANK IN THE R.A.F. is an engagingly dramatic love story. Spilletid: 98 minutter Produktionsår: 1941 filmudsalg . dk

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Region: 2
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